Lin Zhi Peng aka 223 / 林志鹏,又名223

Lin Zhipeng is a photographer, curator and freelance writer based in Beijing. He named himself “No. 223” after a character in Wong Kar-wai’s cult classic Chungking Express, and gained exposure for his photographs from his photo-blog of the same name. He has contributed to numerous popular lifestyle and fashion magazines in China as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as S Magazine, City Pictorial, Men’s Uno, Coldtea, After17, and brands such as United Nude, eno, Converse, etc. He also produced video works such as SANSAR, SCENE. In 2007, he published the independent fashion magazine project TOO, and in 2005 and 2006 published two volumes of photography entitled My Private Broadway. His curatorial work includes the exhibitions Eco-matter (2008), at ARTCO in Beijing, and the visual multimedia show “Time, Dust, Hormone” (2009) at Mao Live House in Beijing.

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林志鹏,现居北京,摄影师、自主创作人、自由撰稿人。他自称“编号223”,这曾是大导演王家卫风靡一时的作品《重庆森林》中的一个角色。他自己的摄影作品博客采用了同一名字。作为图片编辑和撰稿人,他曾为多数中国主流生活时尚类杂志提供摄影作品,诸如《S MAGAZINE》,《城市画报》,《男人志》,《COLDTEA》和《AFTER17》,以及一些品牌,如UNITED NUDE,ENO和匡威等。他也创作一些短片作品,如《山什(SANSAR)》和《SCENE》等。2007年,他开始运作独立杂志项目《TOO》。2005到2006年,他出版了两部名为《我个人的百老汇》的作品集。他执导的展览包括2008年在北京ARTCO的《ECO-MATTER》,2009年在北京MAO LIVEHOUSE的视觉多媒体创作《TIME, DUST, HORMONE》。