Madi Ju / 马蒂

Born in Wuhan in 1983, Madi Ju is a photographer, editor, and publisher living in Beijing. After finishing her degree at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2005, she founded the independent online magazine After17, which focused on photography and youth culture through a female perspective, and from 2006-2008 she was one half of the photography studio My Little Dead Dick (in collaboration with Patrick Tsai). Her works have appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire China (where she served as features editor for two years), Dazed & Confused, FOAM, Vice Magazine, City Pictorial, and VISION, and in exhibitions such as the Hyères Festival, Pingyao Festival, and Get it Louder. She was recently featured in the Rizzoli book SHOOT: Photography of the Moment and its accompanying traveling exhibition.

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马蒂,1983年生于武汉,在北京从事摄影、编辑和出版工作。2005年广东外语外贸大学毕业后发现在线独立杂志《AFTER17》,其从女性视角关注摄影和年轻文化。2006年至2008年间从事My Little Dead Dick的创作(与Patrick Tsai合作)。她的作品出现在许多杂志中,诸如《嘉人》(她在该杂志任特写编辑两年),《DAZED & CONFUSED》,《FOAM》,《VICE》杂志,《城市画报》,《青年视觉》。她的摄影作品还曾在许多展览中展出,诸如Hyères摄影展、平遥国际摄影大展、大声展。目前,她正在筹备纽约RIZZOLI出版社的新书《SHOOT》的摄影作品。