Zhang Xianmin / 张献民

Zhang Xianmin is a filmmaker, producer, scholar, and curator, and internationally regarded as one of the leading forces supporting current Chinese independent cinema. Born in Jiangsu, China, he gained his Master’s Degree in film at the Université de Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle in 1987, and graduated from Femis in 1992. Zhang is currently a professor at Beijing Film Academy, and has authored the books Invisible Images and All about DV, regarding Chinese independent film. Zhang has appeared as an actor in films such as Rainclouds Over Wushan (1996) and Summer Palace (2006), and has produced several films by emerging filmmakers, such as Raised from Dust (2007), Fujian Blue (2007), Crossroads (2008) and Youth (2008), to name a few. Zhang is a documentary filmmaker and one of the founding organizers of the Chinese Independent Film Festival in Nanjing, now in its 7th year. In 2005, Professor Zhang founded Beijing Indie Workshop.