Zhang Xianmin hosts Indie Film Forum, Saturday June 5

Short Stays co-producer Zhang Xianmin will host the first in a new series of independent film screenings at UCCA this Saturday June 5, starting with the world premiere of Hao Jie’s “Single Man.”


Moderator:Zhang Xianmin
Guest: Hao Jie ( Director), Li Zhifeng(producer), Du Fu (cinematographer), Ye Lan (actress)

UCCA Art Cinema, in collaboration with Indie Workshop, launches a new programme ”Indie Film Forum” to introduce both recent and classical Chinese indie films. Through discussion with filmmakers, film critics and intellectuals, the series seeks to unfold the map of Chinese indie films, exploring indie film culture, in search of its value in the society. One narrative film and one documentary will be presented every month. The first screening “Single Man” tells a frantic story of four and a half aged bachelors in a remote mountain district, directed by Hao Jie (nationwide premiere).

June 5, 2010 17:00 – 19:30

UCCA Art Cinematheque

Partner:Indie Workshop

Ticketing:15 RMB per film for adults (with exhibition admission)
Free for students with valid student ID

Box office will close 30 minutes after the film starts.


Four and a half single men in the village are deducting their respective lives and stories.
The wife of the village head is kind to more than half of the Single man in the village, and the single men contribute their hard earnings to the woman and his child. In the rural society, they’re building up a conflicting but harmonious interpersonal network, and a harmonious environment of sexual resource.
Single man Lao Yang bought a young Sichuan girl as his wife at the cost of 6,000 yuan, and this broke the existing harmonious relationship. Lao Yang is detained by Liu Ruan all night long. Gu Lin discloses: Liu Ruan is a gay …
Single man – Lao Yang: Poor when he was young, and Er Yatou, his lover got pregnant. Er Yatou’s parents didn’t agree their marriage… Er Yatou married to the village head, but was still a life-long lover of Lao Yang.

Director’s Bio
Hao Jie, Born in Gujiagou villege in 1981.Graduated from Department of Director, Beijing Film Academy.Began writing Single Man in 2008.

Director’s Notes
In the past five thousand of years
Around Chinese villages
There have been so many single men
Generation by generation
Nobody ever inquiries about it
Nobody concerns it
And there isn’t any record about it

Here is a story about some old single men living in a mountainous village

In half a century
The animated lives
Their persevering life
Their misery and happiness
Their harmony and conflicts
Are imprinted on the track of life
The story is originated in Gujiagou Village, 150km from Beijing, the Capital of China.

The characters in the drama are all elders and folks of the director
They are playing the roles of themselves

Beijing Indie Workshop has been devoted to promoting, collecting and popularizing Chinese independent films. Mr.Zhang Xianmin founded Indie Workshop in 2005.Indie Workshop has sound cooperation with many Chinese independent directors. It has successfully produced and distributed a number of independent films. Indie Workshop also has been organizing screening events or festivals. It has organized special events of Chinese independent films in other countries. Furthermore, Indie workshop also provides facilities and consulting to the curators, programmers and academics.


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